School Lunch

School Lunch

All snacks and lunches, whether brought from home or purchased at Candeo, must follow guidelines for healthful eating. We are a junk food free campus. In addition, we follow nutritional guidelines that focus on whole foods and move away from processed items which have artificial ingredients (colors, flavors) and other unhealthful additives (such as added sugar or fat).

Candeo Schools partners with My Hot Lunchbox to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows parents to view the lunch menu, order, prepay, and manage student lunches online.

Go to
Click on “Order Now” at the top
Click “Create a New Account” for Schools
School Code is: CS69
Complete the steps to create your family account order, and be sure to check out.

Our wellness policy is strictly held. All students bring a morning snack. Lunches may be brought from home or purchased at the school.

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