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Parent Satisfaction


rate their child's education as excellent or good


believe that overall,
Candeo provides a nurturing environment


believe that overall,
candeo is serving the needs of the students


Would recommend Candeo to another family


believe that overall,
Candeo is following its mission to provide an academically rich education


directly observed instruction in their child’s classroom


indicate the intention to return each year


have volunteered at the school


“We love the caring, encouraging environment our kids are in. We also love the life skills they are gaining at Candeo. For us, it’s so important that our children learn responsibility and how to take ownership for their school work, as well as develop good study skills that will benefit them for life. These skills are more important to us than how far ahead of their peers they are academically when they finish at Candeo. Luckily, Candeo provides it ALL! We are so grateful to have our children at such an amazing school!!” – Candeo Parent

“Candeo has always been a place where my child has thrived and been enriched. The amount of learning that my child has acquired since being at Candeo has been tremendous. We have always felt that the teachers are genuinely invested in my child’s growth and development.” – Candeo Parent

“You have an amazing school with wonderful teachers. My son is lucky to go there and it has been fun to see him grow and develop. Thanks for all you do to make the school run smoothly. The school is a direct reflection of you and your passion for education and kids. You rock!” – Candeo Middle School Parent

“I really want to tell you all individually how much [my daughter] is enjoying school this year! I want to thank each of you for the time you put into your meaningful lessons. My daughter comes home excited to share what she is learning. I was shocked when she told me she “LOVED science!” because last year… she did not (best way to put it.) My daughter is always showing us what she is learning and the excitement in how she shares it with us is a reflection of how she is being taught. Thank you all for bringing that positive energy to my daughter each day! I know she is in a place that she is loved, cared for, and valued because of how she comes home. And your little paragraphs that each of you wrote on her report card meant so much to her! Thank you.” – Candeo Middle School Parent

“I couldn’t be more excited about being part of such an incredible community of proactive, passionate and dedicated parents and educators. My son comes home every day talking about all the things he’s learned, which then leads to rich conversations that engage our whole family and challenge us to dig deeper into each subject as we explore the endless world of learning together. Candeo provides my bright and inquisitive son with the stimulating environment that he needs to really thrive, and that is a gift that we will never take for granted.” – Candeo Kindergarten Parent

“My son is always talking about things he is learning. Kindergarten teachers set the tone for what a child’s perception of school will be like “forever” in their mind. I am thankful for the impression you have already made about learning.” – Candeo Kindergarten Parent

“This is sooo amazing! Makes my heart sing! All of you are truly amazing!!! Proof is in the pudding!! Even more important to me than test scores is that my kids are in a safe, caring environment where they get to be accountable for their actions and molded into independent learners! Thank you, thank you to ALL of you!!” – Candeo Parent

“Thanks for the nurturing, safe, and well-structured environment.”- Candeo Parent

“I love that the children are getting a well-rounded education! The things they are able to teach the kids is amazing. My son was learning about things in 2nd grade that I didn’t even know about until high school. There is something magical about Candeo that allows children to grow and flourish.” – Candeo Parent

“We’ve had an extremely positive experience at Candeo. Everyone from the office staff to the administrators and teachers has had a sincere interest in the success of our child. We, as parents, have been treated with respect and kindness while also being told the truth. We are very impressed with Candeo and our experience there.”- Candeo Parent

“Walking a Candeo hallway is always a joy. You hear amazing content being exchanged in a pleasant yet controlled atmosphere in the classrooms.” – Candeo Parent

“I have been to (many) schools. No school comes close to Candeo. I have seen you at work from what appeared to be the beginning. I am forever indebted to the staff’s service to my children. However, my measure is only fractionally measured with standardized test results. I am very critical of education, for reasons not so easily quantifiable. I have been realizing for many years that Candeo is the standard I have sought in education. Thank you for all of your hard work.”- Candeo Parent

“HUGE kudos to Candeo and our top-notch teachers and administration on preparing our children… not just with the “end result” of simply meeting and exceeding standards, but for truly bringing out the best and greatest in our children, allowing them to reach (and exceed) their potential and beyond. As a parent, THIS “exceeds” my expectations so much more!” – Candeo Parent

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