Candeo Parent Portal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Candeo Schools! Whether you are a returning family or joining us for the first time, we are glad you have chosen us. As a charter school, we offer a specific type of education to our students. There are charter schools for all types of students, and ours is for students who are looking for a classical liberal arts education and a return to the tried and true methods of education that used to be commonplace in American public education but are now increasingly rare. Since our founding in 2008, we remain ever-faithful to our mission: to grow wisdom and virtue for a life well lived through rigorous knowledge-based schooling in the classical liberal arts.

Choosing our school is choosing its philosophy, its mission, and the hallmarks of its programming. This handbook is designed to provide you with essential information about these core elements, as well as the accompanying policies, procedures, and that govern our work. Please take the time to read and discuss it with your family, as agreement and adherence to its content are necessary to enact our Charter as it is defined. A signature of this agreement is required. Throughout the year, updates to policies or procedures may be made. You will be notified of any such changes, and an updated copy will always be available on our website for your reference.

We look forward to a wonderful year together.

Candeo Administration

The Candeo Family Handbook is also available on the Parent Portal for all enrolled families.

Life At Candeo