The Open Enrollment window each year is November 1st – 30th for all new applicants, including siblings. Applications received within this window are eligible for enrollment in the upcoming school year. If there are more applicants than spaces, a lottery is held to determine placement and waitlist order.

You can apply online by clicking the button in the sidebar or by following this link to the ENROLLMENT APPLICATION.

Offer of Enrollment

All applicants who are offered a spot from the lottery will be emailed for confirmation of acceptance. A response within 48 hours is requested to secure your spot for enrollment. Those who confirm acceptance must submit a complete enrollment packet by December 15th to secure enrollment. New students must be present on the first day of school or enrollment is forfeited.

How Our Waitlist Works

Waitlists are maintained online and you may check your status at any time. When an application reaches the top of the list, the applicant is contacted via email if a spot is available. Whenever enrollment is accepted, all applicants on the waitlist move up the list.

Sibling Policy

Siblings of currently enrolled students are granted priority status on our waitlists, and while there is no guarantee of enrollment, the likelihood is high. Siblings must submit applications during the Open Enrollment window for any upcoming year to be eligible for placement. Sibling priority is lost for any applicant whose currently enrolled family member withdraws from school.

Rollover Policy

Applicants who do not receive an offer of enrollment can choose to roll over their application to the following school year during the Candeo Rollover period. Applications that roll over to the following year remain on the waitlist for the current year and still be eligible for a possible offer. Rollover applicants receive priority over new applicants in any given year.

The Candeo Rollover period is October 15th-31st.

Entrance Requirements for Kindergarten

We follow Arizona law (ARS 15-821(C)) with regard to Kindergarten entrance qualifications, which stipulates Kindergartners must turn five BEFORE September 1st of the year for which they are applying in order to be eligible for admissions. First grade applicants whose 6th birthday occurs after September 1st of the year for which they are applying must demonstrate mastery of Candeo and state standards in order to qualify for entry into 1st grade.

Candeo offers half- and full-day Kindergarten options. Full-day Kindergarten is not funded by the state; therefore, Candeo Schools charges $337 USD monthly per full-day kindergarten student.

Life At Candeo