It is with great pleasure we welcome you to Candeo Schools! Through mutual respect, work, and commitment, your child will have a truly rewarding academic experience at our school.

At Candeo, we understand the value of school culture and work purposely to build and sustain an environment where everyone knows who we are and how we treat each other. We are passionate about learning to use one’s mind well and establishing a tone of decency and trust. We consistently hold high expectations for academic and behavioral conduct for every student, and believe in and enact our mission, vision, and values in everything we do.

Our purpose is to innovatively deliver rigor, relevance, and challenge through a core classical curriculum, which stresses the knowledge most useful for comprehension, school learning, and communication within the civic life of society – and do so in an environment that honors the child.

We believe college preparation begins in elementary school. Using a content-specific, grade-by-grade curriculum, we take full advantage of the rich, cognitive growth that occurs in the early years of life. Our entire staff uses every opportunity to build a love of learning and strong habits of mind. We are designed specifically for academically curious students whose needs for challenge and rigor are unmet in other schools and prepare them for the top college preparatory high schools in the nation.

We work diligently to engage parents and our community in our pursuit of excellence and invite each to take advantage of every opportunity to know our school and lend positive support toward our goals. Together, we “grow the brilliance” we have come to know as Candeo.

A complete Family Handbook is available on the Parent Portal for all enrolled families.

Life At Candeo