Our Philosophy

We believe college preparation begins in elementary school. We specialize in the early years of education through 8th grade, where cognitive growth is richest and academic habits are set. At our school, we intentionally and exceptionally build a love for learning, a broad base of essential knowledge, and strong habits of mind in the most formative years of formal academic life. Within the framework of classical thought, our school utilizes a content-specific, grade-by-grade curriculum that stresses the knowledge most useful for comprehension, school learning, and communication within the civic life of society. We value learning experiences that build humankind, seeking that which is good, true, and beautiful in everything we learn and do. As we broaden our knowledge of worthy things, we are afforded rich opportunities to think well and deeply, rightly assess our place in the world, and consider our contribution daily. We consistently hold high expectations for academic and behavioral conduct for every student, and reject notions of impossibility with regard to these standards.

Our Mission

We grow brilliance by nurturing natural curiosity, gifts and talents, and the power to learn; providing academic rigor, a healthy environment, and a strong belief in potential; and developing confident learners, creative and critical thinkers, and contributing members of communities.

Our Vision & Resolve

We, the entire staff at Candeo Schools, will accomplish our mission with competence and character, establishing trust internally and externally.

We will emerge a leader in education as we consistently demonstrate excellence in our academic and fiscal responsibilities.

Through shared leadership, we will create and nurture a collegial environment in which professional practice is made public, risk-taking and innovation are supported, and consistent, high-quality instruction is paramount.

Together, we will understand the needs and assets which students, parents and the community bring to schools and build strong relationships with all constituents.

Our staff, students, parents, and community will be able to feel, hear, and see our commitment to this standard at every level.




Life At Candeo